John Clarke

Software Engineer, Team Leader, Project Manager

Linux & Embedded Software, Virtualisation, Modelling & Simulation, VoIP, Comms & Networking

I am an experienced Software Engineer and Project Manager with more than 20 years experience in Embedded Systems, 15 years with Linux and 10 with virtualisation, modelling and simulation. I have managed teams of up to 12 engineers on both software and combined software & hardware projects.

I also have seven years experience as Systems Administrator (concurrent with a software engineer/project manager position) for a start-up with up to 40 staff.

A summary of my work experience appears below, and my full resume is here (pdf).

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Software Engineering

  • Linux, Embedded Systems, Real-time Software
  • Virtualisation, Modelling and Simulation
  • Leadership and Mentoring
  • C, C++, Assembler (x86, ARM, MIPS, H8 and more), Perl, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more

Project Management

  • Software and hardware projects
  • Planning, design, development, production, testing, installation, commissioning, support and maintenance


  • Voice over IP, Asterisk


  • TCP/IP, VPNs, Firewalling and Network Security

Systems Administration

  • Email, Web servers, DNS, DHCP, etc

R & D Engineer (Software)

Synopsys Australia Pty Ltd, August 2010 - November 2010

Synopsys is a world leader in electronic design automation (EDA), supplying the global electronics market with the software, IP and services used in semiconductor design and manufacturing.

Synopsys bought VaST Systems Technology in February 2010.

I was employed on a short-term contract to assist in the development of two new high-performance processor models – Infineon TriCore 1.6P and Renesas SH4A. My duties included development of some of the processor features (MMU, cache, L1 memory and more), writing test scripts and debugging using the 58,000 vendor-supplied test cases. With my help, these two models were completed within the original development timescale and delivered to the customers on time. I also investigated and fixed several bugs in other processor models and in the common processor modelling framework.

Systems Administrator

EagleView Financial Pty Ltd, March 2009 - present

EagleView Financial is a modern fee for service financial advice business, started by my partner in early 2009 .

After being made redundant from VaST, I decided to take time out to support her in getting the business up and running. This included systems administration (software purchasing, installation, configuration, backups, user support, etc), advice on communications and networking, general office administration support and many of the other seemingly endless tasks involved in starting a new small business.

Principal Software Engineer, Project Leader

VaST Systems Technology Pty Ltd, October 1998 - March 2009

VaST Systems Technology is a provider of virtual processor models (VPMs) which are both fast and accurate, providing an unprecedented ability to observe the behaviour of executing software and selected processor internal registers. VaST has a broad selection of popular processors from leading IP vendors. VaST provides system engineering tools that enable customers to customise VPMs, as well as turnkey VPM development services.

VaST was purchased by Synopsys in February 2010.

Responsible for design, development, testing and support of high performance, timing accurate microprocessor models and associated peripherals and platforms. Developed components of VaST's high speed simulation technology. Ported operating sytems to various embedded platforms.

Managed projects worth up to $1M and teams of 3-12 engineers. Mentored junior engineers to project leader level.

Systems administration of workstations (Windows, Ubuntu Linu) and servers (Ubuntu, Debian and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows, Solaris) for up to 40 staff.

Project Manager, Software Team Leader

Keycorp Ltd, November 1995 - September 1998

Keycorp Limited is a global provider of solutions for secure electronic transactions: from smartcards and payment terminals to payment engines and managed services. Keycorp and its partners provide secure electronic products and solutions that deliver integrity in the payments and security market.

Project manager for the development of an integrated POS and smart card terminal for the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation.

Managed teams of 3-5 engineers developing embedded BIOS software for POS terminals and keyboards. Supported customers developing applications for POS terminals.

Developed a custom translation tool to port embedded software (70% assembler) from a commercial compiler to gcc. Supported and debugged gcc and submitted patches to the upstream maintainers.

Designed and dveloped magnetic and smart card reader drivers, modem and communications protocol drivers. Mentored and trained junior engineers. Assisted in development of standards for software design and configuration management to comply with ISO 9000 and AS 3563

Software Engineer, Team Leader, Project Manager, Software Engineering Manager

GEC Plessey Telecommunications Pty Ltd, July 1986 - November 1995

GEC-Plessey Telecommunications (GPT), formed by the merged of GEC-Marconi Telecommunications and Plessey Telecommunications Systems in 1992, was a provider of telecommunications solutions to carriers and businesses.

GPT was bought by Siemens in 1996.

Project manager for the $6M CT-2 trial for Telecom Australia's (now Telstra) "Talkabout" service, involving manufacture and installation of 600 base stations and a network management system. Management of teams of 4 - 12 engineers. Planning and estimating software development and support activities.

Development of real-time software for the TDCC project for Telecom, OTC and the Telephone Organisation of Thailand, including network management interface. Management of post-commissioning maintenance and support of the TDCC project for Telecom, OTC and TOT. Design and development of of an intelligent network switch supporting voice (point-to-point and multi-party conferencing) and data switching. Designed and presented training courses on TDCC hardware and software to Telecom and OTC.

Design and development of tools to support the software development process. Mentoring and training of junior engineers. Development of functional and system test software. Designed a V.22bis rack-mounted modem (hardware and software)> Development of standards for software design and configuration management to comply with ISO 9000 and AS 3563> System and network administration of VAX/VMS systems used for software development.

Weapons Electrical Engineering Officer

Royal Australian Navy, January 1983 - July 1986

Deputy WEEO, HMAS Vampire, a Daring class destroyer (now on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum), responsible for a staff of 31 electrical technicians.

Staff of Supervising Engineer (Weapons), Garden Island Naval Dockyard, responsible for liaison between ships crew and civilian dockayard wrkers during maintenance.

Trainee WEEO, HMAS Cook, an oceanographic research ship, learning the duties and responsibilities of a naval officer, with emphasis on WEEO duties.