11th March 2009: I've uploaded a new version of my firewall generator, and it's now packaged as both a .deb and an RPM.

11th April 2008: is moving to a new hosting provider. The new web server is live now and other services will be migrated over the next week or so. If anyone notices any problems, please let me know.

10th February 2008: I finally got the last of the photos from our holiday in the US and Canada in late 2006 sorted!.

28th March 2007: New software uploaded: my firewall generator.

28th August 2006: The first photos from our holiday in the US and Canada, starting in San Francisco, staying with our friends Kathy & Beck in Half Moon Bay.

4th June 2006: I've added some documentation on how to configure an SPA-3000 for Internode's Nodephone VoIP service, and how to upgrade the SPA-3000's firmware without using a Windows PC.

31st March 2006: I've added the photos from our holiday in Western Australia in November 2004.

29th January 2006: Minor redesign of this page. Replaced the Weather Underground with a Weather Pixie.

28th January 2006: Penny's photos of her high school reunion are now available.

12th January 2006: My dad, Dennis, died this morning after a short battle with cancer. His funeral notice is here.

3rd April 2005: I've changed the way my photos are displayed.