After another huge storm this evening, there was more water running through the creek in the back yard than we'd ever seen before. I took some photos during a storm last year which I though was pretty impressive, but tonight's was even better.

The fifth photo shows the water has broken the bank of the creek above the smaller waterfall near our house and is flowing around the plants on the far bank (to the left of the bridge). There's also a lot of water flowing over the grass on the far side of the bridge. Some of that is from the creek and the rest is runoff from above.

Unfortunately the rain didn't start until about 7:00pm so it was completely dark. Neither us nor our neighbours have much lighting out the back, so it needed some very long exposures to get enough light into the camera, and even then it's hard to make out the level of water downstream.

The last few photos show the aftermath the next morning. The first of these shows the path the water took around the tree fern on the opposite side of the creek. The next shows the flattened vegetation along the creek bank and the large lump of sandstone that came from somewhere upstream (it's also visible in a couple of the other photos). You can also see where the water has flowed over the bridge next door and left a fair amount of debris behind.

It stopped raining sometime during the night, and didn't rain at all the next day, but when we got home from work that night the creek was still running as strongly as it was in the morning. It was still running on Tuesday morning too.

Larger copies (2272 x 1704, about 3MB) of these photos are available if anyone wants them.